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I am off to a Dealership

There are advantages in using a dealership:

  • Guaranteed or security of title or ownership
  • Warranty - Manafacturers if new or if used then 30 days statutory warranty
  • Servicing
  • It's easy
  • Licensed Spare Parts
  • Motor Dealers are regulated in each state


  • Avoiding dealership finance pitfalls

An advantage of a pre-approved loan is it can help you avoid the pitfalls of dealership finance. Applying for a pre-approved loan through a broker or lender selected by FindThatFinance, will give you a good chance to find the best loan package that can be tailored to your circumstances - ie it suits you.

Dealership finance is often based just on agreements the dealership has with one finance provider at Point of Sale so you're often not getting the best possible rate. Dealerships will also like to include things in with the finance, such as offering to tack on custom paint jobs, tinting, fancy tyres, and all kinds of unnecessary extras you may not have wanted in the first place.

Dealerships can present their finance as sign up now and you can drive out today.  The loan package including interest rate and fees and charges may not be the best deal you could have achieved. Be Cautious about the Flashy ads concerning 0% finance. 

The dealership aims to get you in the door. Using marketing tactics aimed at having a sense of urgency. Where 0% is offerred on new vehicels you will have no barganing power and will have to pay the full retail price.  you will miss the opportunity to negotiate a better deal. You trade in is likely to be at a lower value.

As mentioned above beware the extra additions that the salesman will try to include. Beware of excitment to buy - having everything placed in front of you at once can lead to a rushed decision.  Take your time get a pre approval in place and then start your search.

Dealerships make money not just from the Sale of the Car, Bike or Caravan but also from;

  • Finance
  • Insurance 
  • Sevicing 
  • Spare parts 

Public Auction

Ever consider a public auction - they go so fast sometimes it's hard to know whats going on. You end up feeling like you don't know what you are bidding for or you get carried away in the excitment and over bid.

Remember there is NO oppportunity to test drive the Vehicle.

There is NO recourse if something is wrong.

When searching online you may also have to deal with fake online bids.

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