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I am looking to Buy Privately.

One of the popular ways people look for caravans, boat, cars and bikes is the private sale market.  This market has many pitfalls and sharks out there for the unaware.  You may even find motor dealers selling privately.

There are ways to protect yourself and still get the deal you are after.

Here at "Find That Finance", you will only deal with an experienced broker who specialises in private sales for Caravans, Camper Vans, Cars, Bikes, Trucks, Construction Equipment and even Business equipment!

Your broker can act as a guide to help you through the process.

Understanding what client's needs are, and the vendor requirements is an integral part of the process.

The aim is to make it quick and easy, ensuring the prospective purchase is checked for any encumbrances, written off or stolen status through a national register (PPSR register). 

We do extra checks to protect you the purchaser. There can be pitfalls in private sale financing.

Buying from a private person:

  • The person more than likely overestimates the value of what they are selling
  • May have little-negotiating skills
  • No Warranty
  • No secured title - let the buyer beware
  • There is no protection for old tricks  

Here is what the broker can do to assist you:

They will start with a FREE inspection of the vehicle to ensure all identifying elements, such as VIN, registration and kilometre numbers are correct.

Secondly, they will obtain a FREE PPSR (or Personal Property Security Register - maybe full title with text only) certificate to ensure there is no interest in the vehicle by other finance companies or the police!

Next, if you're proceeding with your finance and purchase, they can conduct a Vehicle History Report inclusive to make sure the vehicle has never been written off and then repaired for resale by someone else.

They will offer several choices for coverage on insurance - all tried, tested and approved by Find That Finance.

And finally, the process of liasing with the vendor to ensure they have the proof of title or the right to sell the vehicle and all the relevant paperwork required by lenders.

If it is ascertained there is money owing to a finance company on the goods being purchased the payout be arranged in your finance documentation so that clear title is obtained.

Arrange EFT of the proceeds into the seller's nominated account, eliminating potential delays in delivery.

Find That Finance and your referred broker or lender take no responsibility or legal obligation for any loss that the purchaser may incur in the future.

We believe that applying for a pre-approved loan is a great idea, tell your referred broker what you are looking for and they will work out what type of loan package is right for you based on your circumstances and the goods you intend to purchase.

Another advantage of a pre-approved loan is it can help you avoid the pitfalls of private sale financing and ensure you can move swiftly when you find what your are looking for as you are ready to BUY.

What are the advantages of buying your next purchase privately? Whether for a Car, Boat Caravan or whatever you’d like, the principles remain the same.

Posted by Find That Finance on Friday, October 23, 2020

Buying Privatley - Car, boat or Caravan

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Buying Privatley - Caravan

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