About FindThatFinance

About FindThatFinance

Find That Finance is operated by appropriately licenced, experienced and forward thinking Financial Services providers.

Our objective is to provide confident access to a wide range of lenders not just limited to the major banks.

Our cooperative style of referral to other licenced brokers and credit providers saves you having to make multiple enquiries to arrive at the product that meets your needs.

One application process will put you in direct contact with a personal consultant who will provide you with a comprehensive assessment and factual information about products and services that may meet your needs and objectives.

Find That Finance gives you access to more than one Finance Broker or Lender. We are independant and not tied to any one Finance Broker, Lender or Dealer. This gives us a panel of Specialist Brokers and Finance providers to refer your enquiry to, depending on what you are buying, your location and your individual client profile. So you are not tied to just one lender or finance broker with limited access to finance options.   You will be dealing with Finance consultants who can tailor a solution for you.

 Once you have that Connection, you can rest assured that your consultant/broker will provide stress free advice and finance options that meet your needs and objectives.

FindThatFinance, is all about helping our clients source the most appropriate Finance package for their circumstances, which means our clients, are our business. By having access to a large panel of Finance providers, FindThatFinance provides access to a comprehensive range of solutions and products to meet our client's needs.

FindThatFinance is independent and NOT a lender or broker and is not tied to any car dealerships or finance provider. With access to an expansive network of business partners, including bank, non-bank, insurance companies and vehicle dealerships, we're able to refer our clients to finance deals just about any where Australia-wide.

We go the extra mile to ensure that our clients receive the best possible result. We realise how complicated and daunting applying for loans and finance can be. 

Our referral service is free.  We only get paid when a finance application settles. The amount we earn will be disclosed to you as part of the loan process prior to you settling.

That's why we make it our business to provide relevant information.  We only use trusted Finance Brokers or Lenders to provide guidance and support through every step of the process.

You will be allocated your own personal finance consultant.

Our services include finance for cars, boats, bikes, caravans, camper trailers, motorhomes, other recreational vehicles and trucks, as well as business and equipment loans and even Home Loans. Providing a service to Individuals and Companies across Australia.

FindThatFinance -How? FindThatFinance NOW!

We know everyone's situation is different, and we all have different financial needs. Let us help you find the loan, lease, insurance to make your life run smoothly.

From a belief that there must be a better way to source finance from the web than that offerred by any one broker, dealer or lender with fully automated and impersonal systems this site refers people to finance brokers and Lenders who provide individual person to person services.  With extensive industry experience in finance and insurance the aim is to get people the best possible finance deals for their circumstances. There are many pitfalls in the road to the correct product that meets your needs and expectations.Unlicenced Brokers /pretenders, or Brokers who may not operate in their clients' best interests.

A common pitfall is making to many enquiries on your credit file.  Every application will leave a trail on your credit file and too many applications in a short time frame can prove detrimental. Using the FindThatFinance process can help limit the number of credit applications. ONE GOOD APPLICATION- DONE RIGHT.

We believe you should receive no risk advice and up until you decide to proceed with an application, the process shoud be at no cost to you. 

We desire that the people who use this web site are correctly referred to an accredited Finance Broker so you will receive accurate and appropriate advice and will be offered products that are suited to your needs. With a Fast approval process, at best possible and competitive rates what else could you ask for. All referred brokers are industry professionals with the knowledge and experience to tailor a solution for you.

That is Our mission Statement and kept simple!

Call us on 1300 378 021 or [email protected]  for a no-obligation discussion on how we can help make your dreams come true by finding that finance, that’s just right and applicable to you!

FindThatFinance is constantly interviewing and sourcing an increasing number of accredited and licenced credit providers, brokers and other service providers related to the finance and insurance industry.

If your are currently in the industry and seeking quality client referrals and can demonstrate a history of compliance, competency and public ethics please contact us.

Many of the team at Find That Finance have been through every financial change since 1983. We survive we change we thrive. Patience and knowledge with correct interpretation has maintained our integrity and client trust. Thats our Mission Statement

Site operated by

Nicdeamat Pty Ltd  t/as Find That Finance ABN: 15 081 000 562, Authorised Credit Representative (# 501230) of

Advantage Broker Service Pty Ltd ABN 69 061 337 746 (Australian Credit Licence # 390233)

also partnering with

Digifinance (Gold Coast) and National Fiance Brokers & CCLoans (Sydney)

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