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Through FindThatFinance, your broker will work hard to make sure your finance application is as stress free as possible. We want you to get the most suitable loan for your situation. Search below to find out what to do and what information you need to provide, so we can refer you to a suitable Finance Broker who will assess your needs and give you options for a great loan at a competitive rate so you can purchase that Caravan, Campervan, Bike, Boat or Car.

Talk To your Referred Broker about What You Want

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We only require your name, contact information and if you complete an application any information can only be passed on to a Finance Broker or Lender with your permission.  We will refer you to a fully qualified Finance Broker, experienced with all finance types and providers. So Just call 1300 378 021 it's the fastest way and they will help you or click this link to send though an enquiry [email protected]

 Do I need to put an application in first before talking to you

No. You can make an application or talk to us first.

 Ok you refer me what happens then?

The broker or lender, we refer you to, will need more information about you and what you are looking to purchase. 

They will need a privacy authority which outlines their rights to use the information you provide in an appropriate way - see FAQ on this subject.

This information can be taken over the phone or by completing an online application process

An online application gives them more information before they talk to you, so they have a better picture of your needs.

Once all the information is to hand about you and your circumstances and what you are looking to purchase your Personal Finance Broker will use their skill to get you the most appropriate finance product for your needs and circumstances.

FindThatFinance stands out as we aim to provide assistance without YOU being obligated- NO RISK enquiries!

  • We make it as stress free as possible
  • We provide access to research information to save you time

  • We will refer you to a Broker or Lender who can help you with the most appropriate loan for your situation.

Different loans can be offered by different finance providers depending on your profile and credit needs and on what products you wish to finance.

Don't forget your Finance or loan can have additional options (subject to lender approval) that you might want included. Some of these may include:

  • Car insurance
  • Warranties on mechanical breakdown of the vehicle.

On approval you will be provided with all the options and protection that may be applicable to you and your purchase.

Our brokers will make sure you are offerred only relevant products that are applicable to your circumstances. 

From our personal experience we have found when arranging to finance a new purchase or refinance an existing loan for ourselves we all often spent a lot of our valuable time calling many finance companies and banks just to find a lender that will offer a good finance package and will approve the loan without complications. Making the wrong choice can mean not being approved and once declined it can be very difficult to get the next lender to approve or provide a reasonable interest rate. That is one of the reasons that our team and the founders of FindThatFinance decided to provide this fast, friendly, stress free service to all.

Use FindThatFinance to find the broker or lender to guide your finance or refinance options. They will show you options on low loan rates, compare most bank loans, compare and disclose the fees and charges and ensure that when they choose the lender and submit your application, YOU get approved.

Using a broker will reduce the risk of making too many applications with multiple lenders which will look bad on your credit file. The broker must follow an assessment process which will guide their choice of lender and they cannot make an application to any lender without your approval. This approval by you is given on acceptance of the broker's Credit Guide and Quote after they have completed a proper interview and assessment.

Just some of the knowledge points needed by a broker to give you the right guidance

Banks and finance companies price their finance differently so it is important to get the right loan. Some of the different assessment methods lenders use are:

  • The amount you are borrowing: some lenders have lower interest rates as the loan amount increases
  • The term of the finance contract: loans can be up to 7 years (84 months) and costs may change over different terms especially with fixed rate terms
  • The age of the asset being purchased (i.e. Car): some lenders adjust their pricing on the age of the asset. New and used asset financing can have very different interest rates
  • The type of asset. Cars are treated differently to Truck, Boats, Bike, Caravans and Campers.
  • If it is for business (unregulated) or personal (regulated): some charge differently
  • If it is unsecured or secured against the motor vehicle normally effects what is charged
  • The strength of your application: some companies even grade you and your application before they price the interest rates.
  • Interest rates, application fees, charges, early termination fees; we look at it all so you get the right loan.
    Simply complete our FindThatFinance Enquiry, it only takes seconds.!!!

Talk to us so we can help you!

What A Broker or Lender Will Need From You

You must be over 18.

You must be an Australian Resident

You must be Employed – call us if Casually Employed.

You must earn sufficient income and have sufficient capacity to support the loan you are applying for - call us if your earnings are less than 30K pa. 

Unfortunately, none of the lenders we have access to will lend to people who are 100% reliant on Centre link payments.

Employed People


  • Valid Australian Drivers Licence (depending on type of loan)
  • Australian Medicare Card
  • Current Australian Passport
  • Current Bank Statement
  • Current Payslips

Self Employed or Small Business Owners

Valid ABN

Been in business 2 years.

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